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Frequently Asked Questions On Acupuncture

Are you a licensed acupuncturist?

Yes! We hold an acupuncture license from the State of New York. 

Are acupuncture needles sterile and safe?

Yes! All our needles are sterile, single-use filiform needles that are immediately disposed of into a Sharps container after removal. We follow all the safety norms to keep our patients safe and healthy. 

Does acupuncture hurt?

This is a tricky question. Some patients report feeling a slight pinch upon needle insertion, while others feel nothing at all. More often than not, any sensations felt subsides within seconds. Our goal is to ensure that you are comfortable and several modifications can be made to comfortable so that you have a positive, pain-free experience.

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Are there any side effects?

Acupuncture is a very moving procedure, meaning, there are several physiological processes initiated with each needle insertion. On occasion, this can cause a patient to feel tired after their treatment. Patients also report feeling activity at the insertion site continuing after their session, we call this phenomenon a ghost needle and it is completely normal. 

We ask patients to report any and all changes they experience after their treatment. This information is used to modify and customize the patient’s treatment in a way that maximizes beneficial outcomes, while minimizes side effects. 

When can I expect to see acupuncture treatment results?

There are many variables to consider when assessing treatment timeframes. The length of time a patient has been experiencing symptoms, the location, and severity of the symptoms, the age of the patient, etc. Every individual responds differently to acupuncture. Once we can properly access a patient’s condition and their treatment outcomes, we will be better equipped to establish a reasonable treatment timeframe.

How long is an acupuncture treatment?

New patient acupuncture treatments run approximately 90 minutes, while follow-up treatments are 60 minutes. 

Does cupping hurt?

Cupping is not a painful procedure. Patients report feeling a slight pull from the cupping and an occasional pinch, both situations, if uncomfortable, can be easily remedied. Once the cupping is over, patients may feel a little itchy, this is normal and resolves quickly.

How long will the cupping marks last?

The cupping marks are not bruises and will resolve within a few days. Patients are encouraged to increase their water intake to help facilitate the timely resolution of the cupping marks. 

Will insurance cover my treatment?

Every insurance package is put together differently. You can check our acupuncture insurance rate here. We highly recommend having our team confirm acupuncture insurance benefits prior to your first treatment.  This is a simple process. Please text (646-483-3086), or email ([email protected]) an image of the front and back of your insurance card and include your full name and date of birth. We are usually able to get back to you within a day or so with the results.

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